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123 Hidden Sender sends real ANONYMOUS bulk emails. You won't lose your ISP service. It supports
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25 November 2012

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Promotion, marketing, being a topic of conversation, involves reaching out to more and more people, going beyond any territorial limits to let the world know about the existence of a certain thing is not only important for business houses or product manufacturers only but also at the private level it is equally important. For example the reach of internet is wide and knowing the importance of this many organizations are using it to expand their wings. At the individual level online social networking, videoconferencing, communicating, playing games, enjoying videos has become bigger and better. However, protecting ones identity is not possible in the web world, such as, in case someone wants to promote and publish something without giving away their identity, it is not easy.

However, with 123 Hidden Sender 5.29 sending anonymous emails in bulk is now possible. At present it is the perfect way to send bunk anonymous emails. It is trouble free software and the user need not compromise with ISP service. The recipients of the mail will not be receiving IP address of the sender. The sender just need to add his subject, message and mail ID of the recipients and rest is taken care of by this program. An impressive feature of this software is sender can send personalized messages also known as dynamic messages. Thus, seeing his own name in the subject the recipient will definitely read the mail. The credit for this feature goes to CSV file import, Personalizing Tags as well as Randomizing Tags. Secondly, the speed of sending depends upon the speed of the user’s connection. Thirdly, there is no need of port 25 or SMTP server. Available at reasonably low rate the software comes with free support as well as free updates.

123 Hidden Sender 5.29 is great software that does not require any other assistance to operate smoothly. The three and half star rated program protects the identity of the sender perfectly as well as the recipient also receives it as a personalized email.

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123 Hidden Sender sends absolute ANONYMOUS bulk emails. You won't lose your ISP service. It is trouble free! Your IP address will not be shown in the email headers! All you do is input your message, subject, and email addresses, and then 123 Hidden Sender does all the rest. No relays to deal with anymore. No need for expensive bulk ISPs. Port 25 is not a problem. 123 Hidden Sender supports sending personalized messages (dynamic messages), this is a great feature. It really gets the attention of the recipient to see their name in the subject and in the body of the email. This feature is implemented by CSV file import and Randomization Tags and Personalizing Tags.
123 Hidden Sender
123 Hidden Sender
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